Community Development Projects

The lodge offers volunteering opportunities and placements to its surrounding nearby communities in conservation, Health, music dance and drama and also education projects to alleviate poverty among the rural poor.

The lodge contributes 30% of its profits to fund conservation projects through AFRICODE (African Community Based Development Initiative) a local community based organization supporting marginalized communities along Bwindi Impenetrable National Park southern sector.

AFRICODE is defined by our passion for ambition and the opportunities that can be experienced around the world

“Over the last few years I’ve been exploring some of Southern and East Africa’s most remote places in jam-packed rickety buses, pick-ups, cement trucks, boats, dug-out canoes, by foot and on motorbikes organising hundreds of meetings with diverse and disadvantaged communities, local grassroots organisations, governments, national parks and international volunteers in the field.

I’ve found places in real need of support, where international volunteer programmes will offer genuine opportunities to contribute to the sustainable conservation and development of some of the earth’s most fragile, but beautiful and inspiring places. My ambition is to connect people and nature in underprivileged corners of the globe, and to inspire individuals to make a difference, to do something amazing, to experience what’s beyond. And so AFRICODE was born.”


  • Life changing challenges in the world’s most fascinating places, beyond the tourist trail, beyond anything you’ve seen, heard, tasted, smelt and felt before.
  • Make a real difference.
    Contribute to sustainable development and conservation that improves the lives of marginalized rural poor people living along Bwindi National Park a world heritage site.
  • Incredible destinations.
    Immerse yourself amongst different cultures in the world’s most beautiful places
  • Quality expeditions.
    Whilst living in a remote and rural location, we’ll house you in comfy accommodation, prepare you good grub and design appropriate placements. You’ll be well looked after, when you want it, by a motivated and great team of people.
  • Personal and career benefits.
    We offer truly authentic, ethical and tailored overseas volunteer work in incredible places for ambitious and adventurous souls seeking a new challenge.
  • Great value.
    We’ve kept our prices to a minimum, but we’ll deliver a well-managed and complete experience.

You can start planning today.


Travel is one of the most rewarding and enriching experiences.

  • Learn more about the diverse world in which you live
  • Challenge yourself in new and different environments
  • Increase your knowledge and widen your perspective
  • Be inspired by seeing new things and meeting new people
  • Feel the buzz from adventure and doing something you’ve never done before
  • Disconnect from your regular life and wake up to something new everyday
  • Have memories and stories that will stay with you forever
  • Marvel at the natural wonders in hidden corners of planet earth
  • Learn about different cultures first–hand and experience different ways of life
  • Re–charge your batteries doing something refreshing and revitalising
  • Broaden your horizons
  • Build your confidence and embrace change

Boost your career

Your volunteer experience should not be a gap in your resume, in fact it can stand you out from the crowd at interviews, and really help your job prospects.

  •  Work experience doesn’t have to be paid, or directly relevant – volunteering abroad is a brilliant way to apply yourself in an unconventional setting
  • Companies are eager to hire people with international work experience and global skills
    You’ll gain new and unique skills
  • Show your communication skills and true exposure to different cultures
  • Demonstrate your self–confidence, worldliness and knowledge of this multicultural world
  • Prove you have transferable skills necessary to handle different situations
  • Shout about your ambition, flexibility and ability to adapt
  • If it’s something you’re passionate about you’ll really glow in interview
  • Get across that you’re concerned with something more than just the bottom–line
  • You may actually become clearer about your career goals if you need to
  • Some can acquire college credits
  • You’ll get a reference from AFRICODE at the end of your placement

What Can I Do?

Make a difference

Most human beings do feel the urge to act in a humanitarian capacity at least once in their lives.

  • Volunteering abroad is a lot more meaningful and purposeful than just a holiday
  • It’s a great way to ‘give something back’ and appreciate the things you’ve been lucky enough to experience in your own life
  • The opportunity to physically contribute to something you’re passionate about
  • Your knowledge, training, time, dedication and experience can make a big difference to the world
  • You’ll genuinely feel needed and wanted where you participate
  • It’s energising to be proactive and involved with working towards positive sustainable change
  • You may actually end up ‘receiving’ just as much as you give

What can I do?

Do something out of your ordinary to the AFRICODE

You can travel to incredible places whilst boosting your career and making a difference all at the same time.

  • You’ll affordably travel to remote and unique places and meet people you’re unlikely to visit or have access to as a tourist. Travelling with a purpose is hugely rewarding and puts a very different spin on an experience
  • You’ll live and work closely with rural communities and genuinely be immersed within another culture, so have the chance to challenge yourself in a new environment, with both personal and career benefits
  • You’ll have the opportunity to build relevant work experience through our tailored work and travel programmes in Africa
  • You’ll definitely being doing something